We will respond to you within 24 hours, and let you know the time frame how soon your site will be up and running, however, its takes 2 or 3 business days, this is not downloaded item
Most Themes have been perfectly adapted and optimized to work with WP-Plugins, themes also adapted and optimized for Manual and auto Posting, some of the sites are not works as auto pilot, so if you interesting in any site please contact us and ask any your question related with particular site
Theme options panel comes with all open and easy edit Themes, allowing you to easily control your website without ever touching a line of code! Additional features allow you to toggle on and off features, adjust your layout, manage advertisements, control colors, optimize for search engines and more!
Yes! All themes have a fully customizable sidebar just like a regular blog. You can add whatever you like. Once you make a purchase of any site from us you have complete control of ownership of site, you can do anything anyway and whatever you like to do with your site, you also can resale of your site
Unfortunately we do not offer any full or partly refund or exchange
No returns or exchange and/or any partly and/or full refunds on any website purchase from us after delivered and/or installation
You can request any exchange and/or refund before website delivered and/or installation
Before you buy any websites or scripts please contact us ask question as many or any type you have because we have set our policy for no return for delivered website for any partly or full refund
Our custom designed automated stores help you convert conventionally backbreaking manual labor into much smarter, sophisticated, plus highly lucrative business operation. Nonetheless, the goal to build a lucrative system of income by way of Amazon Internet opportunity requires enormous background task work. Today’s search engine systems remain unlike previous decades where one set of hands could manually establish significant online presence. Get 10 Premium, Custom Designed, and Fully Monetized Amazon Niche store websites that come with 100% Automated Income… So You Can Start Making Money Right Away!
Each and every time your site visitor CLICKS on the deals suggested by the Search Engine, you’ll get PAID.
Affiliated hotel, flights and rental site gets commission pay per lead
Site visitor don’t even have to make a single sale in order to get paid!
Step 1: Your traffics input their search criterion in the Search Box.
Step 2: Your Search Engine queries the database and returns the best deals to your traffics as suggestions.
Step 3: Your traffics click on the deals to learn more.
Step 4: You got paid by the affiliate networks!
As you can see, this online web business is completely automated!
All you’ve got to do is to get your website ranked on the Google SERPs, and THAT is it!
Once you’ve achieved that, your traffics will flow in on autopilot.
Thereafter, you won’t have to spend much time in a whole year to run this business!
Money making premier ClickBank Affiliate Sites with Premier Word press Plugin for
Click bank affiliate programs of this nature, which provide consistent support and potential home income
You will get all information upon buying an automated affiliate website clickbank and find out how to get started with clickbank affiliate sites with best clickbank affiliate programs and become a clickbank premier affiliate
ClickBank is the largest affiliate marketplace in online industry. Over thousands internet businesses offer you to promote their products and share the revenue. You can get up to 70% commission of the price per each sale you make.
This affiliate’s clickbank web store is built to promote niche and profitable ClickBank products
It’s very easily to get success with the top world’s internet marketers!
Fully Automated Turnkey Affiliate Websites is best alternative of dropshipping
All earnings displayed on this site is for basic information only
All your earnings will depends on your site traffic and visitors behavior
Also it will depends on site owner’s goals and abort for site they own
We do not claim or guaranteed that you will earn same revenue as described on this site
Some of our turnkey site is established for a while and has already some traffic on site and also we getting some revenue from that site
One of the best options to buy an established site is as you own the site and start earning revenue from Day one
BUY any selected website with buyer’s own domain selection option:

In this case buyer has to supply domain and we will install any selected site on buyer’s domain

We install selected site on Buyer provided domain on CPANEL hosting only

We do not create site LOGO and Favicon, if Buyer want to change logo and favicon for site, buyer has do their own, However we will assit for how to create logo and replace

Sometime buyer has already that domain or buys from any domain registrar

Buyer can save money with using their own domain

With drop shipping site you need to have communication with buyer and drop shipper,
When someone buy from your site,
You get money to your PayPal account
You need to place an order on behalf your buyer to dropshipper
Drop shipper ship merchandise to your buyer
In the event of buyer do not get as order (damage, color or size)
Buyer contact to you for exchange or return
Than you need to contact to drop shipper or wholesaler about issue
Most Drop shipper wants to have RMA form to fill out with RMA #
And progress will continue for long
In addition when someone buy any item from your site and there is many issues
You already collect the money
May be Item discontinue
Item not in stock may be back order
Most cases you end up to refund to buyer and there is so many other issues with online dropshipping website business
Turnkey site have none of those issue or problems, your site visitor buy direct from suppliers and all dealing with suppliers, you don’t have any type of issue
Just collect the commission on successful transaction
The complete set of websites, contents, product downloads and scripts are guaranteed to work at the time when the website is set up and transferred to you. All sales are final.
Please read very carefully before purchasing this website and if you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.
Most of our turnkey sites based on Word press that can be easily manage by admin panel
Website built on popular word press platform
Easily add products with few clicks with amazon premium plugin and clickbank plugins
Most premium plugins integrated in to site
SEO friendly premium word press theme used

Most website has been created to make money with the

Top Internet moneymaking program – Google AdSense

How this system works:

When any visitor comes to your website and clicks on Google ads which has been placed on most of our turnkey websites – visitor will be directed to the advertised website

Visitors are not obligated to buy any service or products

Website owner gets commission for this click on his Google AdSense account

Than website owner (You) get payment on monthly direct to designated bank account

It’s very simple and easy with spending few hours a week you will have some extra residual income

And we will assist to get all affiliate accounts if you needed

You can start making money with this turnkey website right after you own this site

In order to get all revenue you need to drive traffic to your website to get visitor on your site

As soon as you buy the site

Most unique method is word of mouth; tell your friends and family that you have launched a website with (your web address or Domain name)

Send email to as many contacts you have

Post on Facebook, Twitter and any other social network you have joined

Make and List your website ads with your domain name to free classified sites (Craig’s list, there are so many online

A domain name is a web address of a website; domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Website pages

Domain name is a component of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) used to access web sites

A domain name required to have any website to browse on internet as a web address

A new domain can be buy from $0.50 to any higher price depending on domain registrar’s pricing and offer

We accept PayPal payments and all major credit cards through PayPal secure Transaction

We will provide wholesale reseller hosting package to hosting business website buyer

Site owner will receive wholesale reseller hosting package for very little price and make money to resell all hosting package to clients or customers

(Turnkey hosting business website buyer will receive all required information after buy this site)

Visitor sign up for any hosting package on this site, and pay for selected hosting package on site through secure PayPal transaction, once PayPal receive a payment     site owner receive an email from PayPal detail with hosting package and amount of payment

Than site owner create a hosting account for client and generate username & password to login to cPanel

Site owner send detail login information to client

Site owner can set-up recurring payment for monthly hosting fee or manually send invoice to client for each month’s hosting fee due

Site owner can change hosting package and pricing